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‘Romantic Doctor Kim’ receives snack truck from SBS ‘Doctors’ Park Shin Hye

By Riezel | Jan 17, 2017 01:39 PM EST
SBS drama series "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" surpasses 25 percent in terms of viewership ratings.
(Photo : YouTube/Meowie Twins) SBS drama series "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" surpasses 25 percent in terms of viewership ratings.

Park Shin Hye shows unity for her fellow drama doctors by giving a snack truck in the last filming session of "Romantic Doctor Kim." The SBS drama just recently concluded after airing its 16th episode.

On Jan. 16, Yoo Yeon Seok uploaded a photo on his Instagram account showing the snack truck that Park Shin Hye sent. The photo was captioned, "Thank you to Park Shin Hye for bringing even more warmth to our last filming session. Romantic Doctor Kim + Doctors = Romantic Doctors?" Soompi reported.

Park, 26, was well-loved for her role in last year's medical drama "Doctors" with actor Kim Rae Won. In reference, the banner of Park's snack truck reads, "Kook II Hospital's Doctor Yoo supports the Dol Dam Hospital family! Here's to Han Suk Kyu, Jin Kyung, Yoo Yeon Seok, and the staff of 'Romantic Doctor(s)! You've all done so well."

Park previously worked with Yoo and Han in the movie "The Royal Tailor." She also worked with Jin in the 2015 drama "Pinocchio."

Meanwhile, cast of the latest hit drama "Romantic Doctor Kim" will be going to Cebu, Philippines from Jan. 20 to 24. The trip was announced as a reward for the drama's recent success.

Stars and crew will spend four nights and five days in the Queen City of the South, days after the drama's special episode. However, stars Han and Seo Hyun Jin can't join the trip because of their personal schedules, as reported by Manila Bulletin.

The drama started airing in November 2016 and ascended their viewership rating reaching the top spot. It clocked in a rating of 26.7 percent for its Jan. 10 episode, making it the highest rating of the drama.

Last Dec. 31, it is worth noting that Han, 52, won the Daesang award, while Yoo and Seo were given the Excellence Awards for Acting.

Let's watch one more time the casts of "Romantic Doctor Kim" below:

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