5TION involved in serious car crash in Japan; Members' condition still unknown

By Louise Bonquin / 2017.01.17
5TION boy group was rushed to a medical facility after serious road accident in Japan.

5TION, a Korean boy band, was involved in a major car crash in Japan. Its four members and their manager were rushed to the hospital by medics who were dispatched to the scene of the accident.

Sure enough, the story was immediately picked up the media and it quickly spread. When the unfortunate news reached the fans, they expressed worry over the condition of the members and their managers.

According to OSEN, the car accident happened on Jan. 15. 5TION was on their way to Osaka following their performance in Nagoya, Japan. They were scheduled to hold another concert in Osaka so they traveled right away, after finishing their show in Nagoya.

While on the road, it was reported that the boy band's van slipped and skidded on the icy road. Apparently, the driver lost control of the van and they crashed on head-on to a delivery truck in front of them.

The van's hood was totally wrecked while the rear did not incur such big damage. The part where the members were seated was not crashed as well, but this does not mean that Marine, Len, Roy, Noa and their manager are not hurt.

5TION's agency, JT Korea, released a statement about the incident. "They were taken to a nearby hospital after the accident and we are trying to find out how serious their injuries are," Koreaboo quoted the agency's rep as saying. 

Meanwhile, no update was given yet with regards to the current condition of 5TION members and their manager, and this is making fans even more worried. This is because, they were reminded of the car accident that girl group Ladies' Code had back in 2014. The group's van also skidded on an a wet road and the incident took the lives of two members - EunB and Rise.

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