Kris And Chinese Director Deny Dating Rumors

By Jerry Wu / 2014.07.07

Former EXO member Kris was recently cast in a movie directed by Xu Jinglei, and now there are rumors that the two of them are dating.

The Korean news source Sports World revealed an exclusive interview with an insider from the Chinese entertainment industry, where the insider claimed that Kris and Xu Jinglei are, in fact, a couple. "Xu Jinglei and Kris are in a relationship. Xu Jinglei was interested in Kris even during his time with EXO."

Even though there is a sixteen-year difference between the two, the source claimed that Kris and Xu Jinglei were unable to resist their feelings for one another.

The source also claimed that Xu Jinglei helped Kris leave SM Entertainment.

In June, it became public knowledge that Kris had a role in Xu Jinglei's upcoming movie, Somewhere Only We Know. 

While it is likely that Xu Jinglei and Kris do have some sort of relationship, based on how rapidly she supported him and gave him a role after he left SM Entertainment, there has been adamant denial from both camps.

Both Kris' representatives and Xu Jinglei herself denied the fact that the two are dating. The director even posted a seemingly amused post on her Weibo, asking if the whole scandal was a joke created by some of her foreign friends.

There are other rumors surrounding Xu Jinglei, suggesting that she's in a relationship or even married to Stanley Huang.

Korean netizens commented on the article, calling Kris a traitor and Xu Jinglei a fox for seducing the younger entertainer. Other fans brush it off as merely a scandal for the sake of being a scandal.

Due to Kris' sudden departure from one of K-Pop's most popular groups, EXO, and his ongoing legal matters with SM Entertainment, all of Kris' affairs have become public knowledge.

Every news story about Kris has caused pandemonium among EXO's fans, so it is entirely possible that Korean and Chinese news sources have realized that "Kris sells," so to speak.

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