‘Hello’ singers Big Bang’s G-Dragon, 2NE1’s Dara: Beauty brand Moonshot’s newest faces

By Conan Altatis / 2016.01.30

K-pop stars Kwon Ji-yong, who is professionally known as G-Dragon, and Sandara Park, who is professionally known as Dara, are set to serve as the newest representatives of Moonshot, a beauty brand owned by YG Entertainment.

Both known not only as K-pop group members but also as fashionistas, G-Dragon and Dara will take the place of Choi Sora, Lee Sung Kyung and Jung Yoo Jin, who previously served as models of Moonshot.

G-Dragon and Dara are reported shooting several beauty pictorials not only for South Korean publications but for international publications, as well. G-Dragon will start his job as the representative of the new line of men's cosmetics for Moonshot later in the year while Dara will start with Moonshot spring collection ads soon.

With G-Dragon and Dara, Moonshot hopes to increase and consolidate the brand as a global makeup brand, Koogle TV quoted a representative of the YG Entertainment beauty brand as saying.

Aside from being a new face of Moonshot, G-Dragon was recently featured in a fashion show in Paris, France. With foundation and gigantic black fur hat, he modelled a naval-captain-inspired Chanel couture suit during the Chanel show held at the Grand Palais on Jan. 26, Tuesday, with Karl Lagerfeld as the creative director.

"Of course, I wanted to come to the couture shows again," New York Times quoted G-Dragon as saying after the models had left the runway during the Chanel show. "It is an amazing spectacle."

G-Dragon told the publication that he has learned a huge amount from Lagerfeld and his work since he got to know him. He added, "I also like that he is a man whose image is incredibly distinctive. You hear his name and you can picture him immediately in your mind. I find that very inspiring."

As a musician, G-Dragon is inspired by the music of the American rap group Wu-Tang Clan. In 2009, he released his debut album as a solo artist titled "Heartbreaker."

Six of the 10 tracks in "Heartbreaker" are collaboration songs. One of them is a song titled "Hello" featuring Dara.

Watch G-Dragon and Dara perform "Hello" here:

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