NBA team power rankings; Boston moves up as Warriors struggle

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.01.11
Isaiah Thomas #4 of the Boston Celtics drives against the Oklahoma City Thunder at TD Garden on December 23, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts.

The NBA regular season is heating up as teams are gearing for mid-season break for the All Star games in New Orleans. Boston is gaining momentum as they slowly trust each other while the Golden State Warriors have to figure out the right formula fast so they could return to form by playoffs.

Boston Celtics - More than Isaiah Thomas

The Celtics (23-15) is currently enjoying a resurgence of some sort thanks to their spirit point guard, Isaiah Thomas. But without much help, Thomas could not push his team to the winning column. Fortunately, David Aldridge's latest article of NBA power ranking places the Celtics in 5th position in the league thanks to the Marcus Smart who seemed to have found his scoring groove mid-season.

Golden State Warriors - Losing Out to Top Teams

The Golden State Warriors is currently enjoying 33 wins against 6 losses - an NBA record for consistent winning output. But their six losses were all against powerful teams: San Antonio, Houston, Memphis (Twice!) and Cleveland. Their regular season is impressive but losing against top teams could be a big problem during the playoffs.

Resurging Houston Rockets

According to the latest ESPN NBA power ranking, the Houston Rockets is already the second best in the league (after Cleveland Cavaliers). When someone talks about the Rockets, there's only one person to think about: James Harden.

The shooting guard from Arizona State did not have the numbers of Russel Westbrook at the start of the season and they were actually struggling. But they team has finally found their rhythm and Harden has taken advantage of the flow. Consecutive triple double with at least 40 points is making Harden a strong candidate for the MVP.

It's still mid-season and anything can happen after the All Star break. Teams are now adjusting to get the best out of their roster and even trading to upgrade their chances in winning the coveted NBA title.

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