‘The Path’ actress Kathleen Turner, ‘Masters of Sex’ actress Frances Fisher to star in indie comedy ‘Someone Else’s Wedding’

By Daphne Planca / 2017.01.11

"The Path" actress Kathleen Turner and "Masters of Sex" actress Frances Fisher are set to star in the independent comedy "Someone Else's Wedding." It seems that they might embody a group of exceptional and legendary actors to bring the comedy drama.

Turner will play as Barbara Haines and Fisher as Tammy Bergman in "Someone Else's Wedding." According to Variety, they are joining the cast including Kevin Zegers as Kurt, Jessica Paré as Carrie, Jacob Tierney as Matthew, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Louisa, Luke Kirby as Misha, and Wallace Shawn as Albert.

Pat Kiely is directing "Someone Else's Wedding" from his own script. He is also one of the producers, alongside Arnie Zipursky for CCI Productions, Robert Vroom, and Philip Svoboda for Alley Lime.

The executive producers of "Someone Else's Wedding" are Jeff Sackman and Berry Meyerowitz, who are also selling international rights. CCI Productions, Banner Films, Vroom Productions, and Alley Lime Productions are the film's production companies.

"Someone Else's Wedding" revolves around a dysfunctional family forced to confront what tore them apart at their eldest son's nuptials. The family attends a wedding that no one wants to be at. The characters will be loud and colorful.

Besides "Someone Else's Wedding," Turner's credits include "Romancing the Stone" (1984), "The War of the Roses" (1989), and "Peggy Sue Got Married" (1986), for which she received an Oscar nomination for her titular character. Fisher's credits include "Titanic" (1997), opposite Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and "The House of Sand and Fog" (2003), with Jennifer Connelly.

Fisher was recently seen in a guest star role on CBS' "Criminal Minds," TV Line reported. She played Antonia Slade in Season 11's penultimate episode, titled "Devil's Backbone."

CCI has just completed James Caan's family comedy "Undercover Grandpa," which is the winner of Best Comedy Feature and Best Actor at the International Family Film Festival. It also did Cuba Gooding Jr.'s family comedy "Sled Dogs," which is the winner of best feature documentary at Whistler International Film Festival.

"Someone Else's Wedding" has started shooting in Montreal.

Watch the video about "Someone Else's Wedding" set visit with Kevin Kegers:

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