‘Sea of Thieves’ Release Date: Players need team work to win new pirate game

By Kaye Reese / 2017.01.11
The upcoming online multiplayer pirate game, "Sea of Thieves," heavily features camaraderie among players.

Rare's debut gameplay trailer for "Sea of Thieves" was finally released during Microsoft's E3 2016 XBox press conference. The online multiplayer pirate adventure game went beyond expectations as it showcased several swashbuckling gameplay scenes, combat scenes between pirate ships, treasure hunting, leaving very little of what to expect from the game to the gamers' imaginations.

What the 'Sea of Thieves' is all around

The "Sea of Thieves" is an XBox one and Windows 10 exclusive multiplayer pirate adventure game. Its concept is rather simple, though it necessitates that players and their team mates--mateys, if they will--are as thick as thieves to achieve their goal, according to Destructoid. This is because the "Sea of Thieves" forces players to assume different roles in their goal to get treasure.

For example, whoever is steering the ship will need someone else to read the map in order to navigate the free seas while another serves as a lookout, according to Eurogamer. Transporting treasure also requires team work, as it's easier and more fun to have the entire crew digging for the booty.

It's important that they work together because if their booty gets plundered, all members lose the treasure. Players can rest assured, however, that they can assume different roles throughout the entire game, and are not locked into just one role. This means that they can certainly expect "Sea of Thieves" to provide a truly unique multiplayer experience.

What else to expect from 'Sea of Thieves'

Apart from this, "Sea of Thieves" also ensures a swashbuckling adventure worth the buck, Game Rant reported. Its cinematic trailer showcased treasure hunting both on land and under the sea, island hopping adventures in search for booty, battling enemy pirates and ship combat using cannons and pistols alike, and even a little of the supernatural as well.

A lot of the gameplay seems to heavily feature ship combat, which is bound to be an enjoyable experience for most players. As such, "Sea of Thieves" is one of the most highly anticipated games this year. There's currently no official release date, so expect more information about it in the months to come.

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