'Infinite Challenge' next to be cancelled after 'Running Man'?

By Manthan / 2017.01.11
Cast members of 'Infinite Challenge' arrive at the red carpet of the 2013 MBC entertainment awards at MBC Open hall on December 29, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea.

A month after it was announced that "Running Man" will officially be coming to an end in February, there are reports suggesting that "Infinite Challenge" might also face the axe this year.

On Jan. 10, Tuesday, fans of the reality-variety show were disappointed after reports poured in claiming that the MBC program will be going on a seven-week hiatus after the Lunar New Year, after which it will be replaced by a new variety show, according to All Kpop. The new program is titled "Forty's Spring" and will feature close friends Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Joon Ha.

The show and will air on "Infinite Challenge's" time slot on Saturday evenings for three weeks. After "Forty's Spring," the "Best of 'Infinite Challenge" specials will run on for a duration of four weeks, thereby giving the "Infinite Challenge" cast and crew a break from filming.

News of the hiatus has left the fate of "Infinite Challenge" hanging in the balance. Fans of the show are worried that that the break might lead to the show's eventual cancellation, as in the case of the hit SBS program, "Running Man."

The show's main producing director Kim Tae Ho is currently out of the country and was therefore unavailable for comment. However, when other production crew members were contacted by Soompi, they responded by stating, "It's difficult to confirm anything," and "It's hard to reveal our stance."

In December 2016, Kim took to his Instagram account to say that he needed a break. In his post, the producing director wrote that if he could ask Santa Claus for any gift, it would be a month's rest for the cast and crew of "Infinite Challenge" and two months for preparation of the next episodes. He concluded his post, which as addressed to his superiors, by saying, "Let us live as well. At this rate, something is going to happen." Check out his post below:


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