‘Lucifer' Season 2 spoilers: Maze to turn against Lucifer and Chloe

By Adelaide Valentine / 2017.01.11
A photo of Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze in "Lucifer" Season 2 episode 11.

Maze could betray Detective Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar in "Lucifer" Season 2. Series creator Ildy Modrovich hinted that she could side with Charlotte and Amenadiel, in order to become independent.

Modrovich teased that there comes a point in "Lucifer" Season 2 that Maze feels like she has had enough of being the devil's servant. The demon eventually realizes that she needs to break free from Lucifer (Tom Ellis).

According to the showrunner, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) feels that she needs to be truly independent. However, doing so means possibly hurting or betraying Lucifer.

"She'll get to the point where she'll think that maybe she has to even betray Lucifer, in order to get full independence," Modrovich told TV Line.

Modrovich added that Lucifer's guardian might have to side with Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside). When this happens, Maze does not only betray hell's former ruler, but also Chloe Decker (Lauren German). After all, she and the detective have become friends.

"She'll be pushed into having to, maybe, possibly, hurt Lucifer, and be part of mom's plan," Modrovich further told the publication.

Unfortunately, Charlotte's plan involves manipulating her son and his budding romance with Chloe. The midseason finale of "Lucifer" Season 2 revealed that mom wants to use Chloe for her benefit. She believes the detective can help bring back Amenadiel's powers and help fulfill her plan.

To recap, the first half of "Lucifer" Season 2 ended with Charlotte realizing that Chloe is the answer to all her problems. She learned from Amenadiel that the detective is special, since she is a gift from God. This knowledge gave Charlotte an idea that Chloe could be the key to their return to heaven.

Meanwhile, Brandt also teased Maze's betrayal in a previous interview. She said that Maze becomes defiant in "Lucifer" Season 2. Brandt told Fansided that there comes a point in the midseason that her character rebels against Lucifer.

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