Emma Stone's reaction to Andrew Garfield, Ryan Reynolds kissing is priceless [Video]

By Alicia Carlton / 2017.01.11
74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

Emma Stone ("La la Land") was placed on a hotseat after she was shown a video of her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, kissing Ryan Reynolds during a red carpet event for the Golden Globes ceremony on Jan. 8. Stone couldn't believe it at first until she saw the video herself.

Entertainment Weekly wrote about the 28-year-old's reaction when she saw her ex-man smooching another man. Good thing that she found it hilarious. There was a brief moment of disbelief on her end before the video was shown to her. She exclaimed, "What? They did not kiss each other. They did?" Then after seeing it, she made a little turn on her back and went on to watch the rest of the video saying, "That's hilarious."

Ryan Reynold's of "Deadpool" may not have won the Best Actor title, but he did win something memorable that night. No one will forget the moment he did exchange some lip moves with Garfield. Us Weekly also wrote about this event, and what made it even more interesting is Reynold's wife, Blake Lively, being next to her husband the entire time it was happening.

At the end of the day, it was all in good fun. Lively was even cheering for Reynolds and she didn't seem to mind the kiss her husband gave Garfield. Stone also said that she was happy for her ex and Reynolds after Ryan Gosling made the same comment.

It was with a tone of sarcasm that Gosling uttered his reaction saying, "I mean, I'm happy for them, honestly, you know? Good for them." Nevertheless, it still turned out funny and looks like no one was really even offended. Gosling took home the Best Actor awards for this year's Golden Globes for the movie, "La la Land."

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