SEVENTEEN’s DK mired in controversy for occupying seat for pregnant women in the subway

By diana / 2017.01.10
SEVENTEEN's DK controversial for occupying a subway seat intended for pregnant women.

SEVENTEEN's DK received mixed response from the netizens after his photo while taking the subway circulated on the internet.

The controversy started when a SEVENTEEN fan uploaded a photo of DK and Joshua taking the subway on Jan. 10. While the photo appeared to be ordinary, many netizens took notice that DK was occupying a seat intended for pregnant women, Allkpop reported.

The fan wrote, "Isn't he supposed to leave the seat for pregnant women empty?" The post started an argument on whether or not the SEVENTEEN member was being inconsiderate with his act.

Fans came to rescue DK and said there is no law stating that the seat for pregnant women should be left empty. Others said the SEVENTEEN member could just move if a pregnant woman needs the seat.

"If there [was] no pregnant lady, he could sit there, no big deal," a netizen wrote. Another one said, "It's good to leave it empty, but if you take the seat, all you have to do is move for a pregnant woman. Is this really a controversy?"

Most of the fans expressed their disappointment to some netizens who are making a big fuss out of a simple act. A fan commented, "So if anyone else sits on that seat and isn't pregnant it's not a big deal, but when an idol sits on it, it becomes a controversy?"

On the other hand, some netizens said it was best if DK has left the seat empty to avoid being misunderstood. "It's not like the subway shakes a lot like the bus; he could just stand. Does he really want to sit in the chair for pregnant ladies?" a commenter posted.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN is confirmed to hold a fan meeting in Korea, Soompi reported. The three-day "SEVENTEEN in Carat Land" is scheduled from Feb. 10 to 12. The event will mark the boy group's first fan meeting in the country since they debuted in 2015.

SEVENTEEN's fan meeting will be held at the Jamsil Arena, which can accommodate 7,000 people. 

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