New ‘Conan Exiles’ gameplay video features building on mountain sides, explosive jars, sandstorms; Summoning avatars featured in another new video

By Migs Casas / 2017.01.10
"Conan Exiles" will enter Early Access on Steam on Jan. 31 and Xbox One preview sometime in Spring 2017.

Funcom has just released a new video showcasing the gameplay for the upcoming "Conan Exiles". The new gameplay video focuses on building settlements, having fun with explosive jars, and sandstorms, as well as another video showing the risks of summoning avatars.

According to DualShockers, Creative Director Joel Bylos once again appears in the video showcasing the features of the open world survival game. This time, he is joined by Community Manager Jens Erik Vaaler to discuss more about building settlements, among a few other notable features.

Settlement-building is flexible in the world of "Conan Exiles" that it can be established on mountain sides - a very cool feature in the mystical setting of Robert E. Howard's masterpiece. The building aspect also showcases different tiers of components, with different levels of difficulties to craft and different degrees of resilience. To test this out, the developers show how resilient these establishments are by experimenting with explosive jars on them. The results show that high tier showing a lot more toughness as compared to low tier walls.

The video also featured sandstorms as a bonus. The harsh natural occurrence is one of the triggers that introduce settlement building. It is, of course, quite unpleasant being flayed alive in the middle of a sandstorm.

Another video also featured encountering the giant avatars of the gods that can be summoned through certain conditions. To ensure that to achieve such an incredible feat is worth the challenge, summoning an avatar requires an enormous amount of time, effort and resources, along with progressing through the entire crafting to execute the legendary action. Then in additional to that, players are required to capture a high priest of that religion to bend his will to serve their needs by summoning the avatar.

Summoning an avatar won't assure victory just yet. First of all, summoning one will decimate the player's altar which is a risk to one's resources. Once summoned, everyone will know the player's location as an immense shaft of light pours down from the heavens on their position. If players are killed during the summoning ritual, the heavenly light will disappear.

Similarly, the high priest is also vulnerable during the summoned avatar's destructive skirmish. Players are tasked in defending him otherwise, once the high priest is dead, the avatar dies as well.

"Conan Exiles" will be having its Early Access in Steam on Jan. 31 and Xbox One Preview sometime in spring. A PS4 version is rumored to be possible as well but it has not yet been confirmed. 

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