Shield Android Box: Is it worth the upgrade?; New model share specs with original, but boast more features

By Kaye Reese / 2017.01.10
The new NVIDIA Shield Android Box shares most of its specs with the original model.

NVIDIA recently unveiled the new generation Shield Android Box at the CES 2017 event. But several reports and reviews from reputable tech sources revealed that the latest model of the entertainment system seem not to have much difference from the original Shield Android Box in terms of internals.

But how much exactly are users missing out from the new Shield Android Box, and how does it compare to the original model? Here's a rundown of everything there is to know about the Shield Android Box: specifications and features, upgrades, price details and more.

Specifications and features: Which model is better?

According to Android Central, the new model of the Shield Android Box practically shared most of its specs with the original Shield Android Box. But not to a disadvantage, since there was hardly any need for it anyway. The original Shield Android Box was already powerful enough as it were to handle high-end gaming, the report said, although the newer model does have the advantage of size.

The new Shield Android Box, for example, is now 40 percent slimmer and smaller than the original box. This is impressive as it packs the same amount of power in a more ergonomic size. Of course, it also boasts of several new features that are currently not available on the original model, such as the upgrade to the Android 7.0 Nougat.


What does that mean for the new Android Shield Box? Basically, this will bring to the fore features like picture-in-picture mode, app switching interfaces, and a new Youtube 360 app, according to the same report. It also introduced a couple of tweaks, such as removing the NVIDIA home section, a new "Games" Portal and a new Steam app.

Is it worth the switch?

The new Shield Android Box base model costs around $199, and will become available later this month. But these impressive array of new features would also be arriving to the original models, according to Phandroid. So there's no need for users to switch models that quickly, unless they want the Google Assistant feature, which is slated to be part of the new model.

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