Wounds can now heal without scarring; The secret involves fats

By Alicia Carlton / 2017.01.10
Girl With Facial Scars Caused By Cutaneous Leishmaniasis A Disfiguring And Disabling S

People living with scars will no longer have to be ashamed of it and suffer from having low self-esteem because scientists have found a way to solve it. Instead of scarring, the skin would lead to regenerate based on what new studies have discovered.

Science Alert wrote that any wound can now heal without having to scar. Thanks to the method of manipulating the actual process of wound healing for making this one possible. One of the lead researchers for this study, George Cotsarelis, said that the process starts with the regeneration of hair follicles.

After that is done, the fat that is found in that area will also regenerate as a response to the signals given by those hair follicles. Cotsarelis is also the chair of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania.

The difference between scar tissues and regular skin is that the former is completely without fat cells nor are hair follicles present around it. The latter, however, is rich with fat cells, which helps in regenerating the skin to go back to its original state.

The science behind this solution states that researchers found a way to convert existing myofibroblasts into adipocytes, a skin that could regenerate from a small and shallow cut because of its fat cells. Babies are known to have this kind of skin, which then explains why their wounds can heal so fast.

News Talk also wrote about this new research saying a lot of people would finally benefit from it since everyone has scars that they want to be removed. Whether it is just from a bike accident or a wound from tripping over a gutter, this new method of healing wounds without scarring them is promising enough to see the next generation to be free from scars. Scientists also noted that the reason for the conversion of myofibroblasts to fat cells being possible was because of Bone Morphogenetic Protein.

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