Apple Airpods news update: Lithium-ion batteries cause device’s slow charging despite smaller size; Finder for Airpods app removed

By Staff Writer / 2017.01.11
Apple Airpods is charging 7 times faster than iPhone 7.

Apple Airpods have been making it to the headlines since its release. Among its best features is their game-changing battery life but some tech geeks are wondering why these wireless earbuds do not charges 80 times faster.

Unlike any other earbuds, Apple Airpods can last up to six hours of nonstop use. Phone Arena stated that its promise to last five hours music-listening time is not bad for a device with smaller batteries.

It is said that Apple Airpods' batteries are 80 times smaller than what is inside the iPhone 7. So, why such small piece of gadget cannot be faster at charging? Phone Arena claimed it's because it is using Lithium-ion batteries.

"The smaller the lithium-ion battery, the slower the rate at which it can be charged," the news outlet stated of Apple Airpods. "That's because the internal battery elements responsible for making electric flow possible are physically smaller, which limits the amount of electrical energy that can safely pass through them."

To put it simply, it is possible for tech companies like Apple to force the Lithium-ion batteries to charge faster than the usual especially for small gadgets like the Airpods. However, this may cause permanent damage to the device and may later cause explosion.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the Apple surprisingly removed the Finder for AirPods app. iOS developer Deucks has confirmed that his application was removed since the company did not like the idea of users locating their Airpods, GizModo shared.

He added that the Finder for Airpods app was considered inappropriate for the App Store. Up until now, Apple has not yet confirmed the main reason behind its removal. Deucks advised app users to ask for refunds.

Finder for Airpods uses Bluetooth connection to track lost Airpods nearby. Deucks has revealed he lost his wireless earbuds after purchase, which motivated him to create the application.

 "I actually lost one of my Airpods on the first day, I spent hours looking for it and then thought of making an app that will help me find them, which it did," the iOS developer said. Below, watch how the Finder for Airpods app works:

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