Ravi draws backlash for ‘Bomb’ single; VIXX member, Jellyfish Entertainment apologize for controversial music video

By diana / 2017.01.09
VIXX's Ravi performs during the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day in Washington DC.

VIXX's Ravi finally dropped his debut single "Bomb" on Sunday; however, many netizens were not happy with the official music video of the track.

According to Allkpop, many netizens reacted violently against Ravi's "Bomb" single for allegedly objectifying women in the MV. The VIXX member was seen seated in a couch while surrounded by women wearing revealing outfits in the controversial video.

The particular scene sparked outrage from the netizens who thought the music video was offensive towards women. Amid controversy, Ravi's management has taken down the original video and re-uploaded the "Bomb" MV.

All controversial scenes from the original version were omitted. What's left in the edited version of the "Bomb" MV were scenes of Ravi as well as San E.

On the other hand, the VIXX member also took to his Twitter account to apologize for making some people uncomfortable with the MV. "I reflect on my actions that I did not realize this could cause a disturbance," the idol said.

Ravi went on, "I apologize sincerely to those who were bothered. I will be more careful in the future, and work and think about how to make good music and songs. I'm sorry."

Soompi added Ravi's management, Jellyfish Entertainment, has also released their own statement regarding the issue. The label promised to take caution with their actions, adding that they will strive to produce better contents for the audience.

"Jellyfish Entertainment takes full responsibility for not being more prudent in creating our content, and causing many fans great discomfort. We will continue to work harder and listen to the public's advice and concerns more carefully," the agency said.

Although many were angered of the "Bomb" MV, other fans also expressed their support to Ravi. Some of them said there was nothing wrong with the video, accusing some netizens of overreacting.

Here's the edited version of Ravi's "Bomb" MV:

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