This cruise ship company is looking to hire someone to travel the world for free and post on Instagram

By Viola Smith / 2017.01.09
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The Royal Caribbean UK & Ireland, a cruise ship company, has a job offer that anyone would dream of doing. They are looking for someone who would go on cruises, take pictures of the trip and post it on Instagram. They made the earlier this year and it now making a lot of people root for the job but at the same time disappointed.

In a post published by Relevant Magazine, the cruise line is determined in hiring someone who they would like to call as an Instagram intern. That person would get paid simply by taking the trips that the company would require for three weeks.

The company made all the benefits and requirements available on their official website. The successful applicant will not only travel for free but will also get £3,000 as the salary or prize money. The lucky winner will travel through three cruise lines namely Ovation of the Seas (Beijing), Anthem of the Seas (New York) and Freedom of the Seas (Barcelona).

Everything is paid for the company from the accommodation to the winner's daily expenses aside from the salary. Some people are wondering if there is a catch from all the good offers of this job and surprisingly, there is no catch. The company's ad is straightforward on what they ask for the approved applicant.

Just to guarantee that posting on Instagram is the only work they would ask from the prospective intern, they even included this on the post, "Photocopying, administrator, and tea-making skills are not required."

Amidst all of these great opportunities from a dream job that everyone wants to have, there is one disappointing factor that left a lot of people just wish they didn't know about this opportunity. There is no catch but it is a requirement that one must be a citizen of Ireland or of the United Kingdom.

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