LG amazes people with its Adorable Voice-Activated Robot for your "smart" home at CES 2017

By Madhu Majumdar / 2017.01.09
Meet LG’s Adorable Voice-Activated Robot for Your Home

Official and corporate events are something people look forward to, not because they are going to be a part of it, but because there is always something new that emerges after such events that brings about drastic changes.

The announcements and decisions taken in these events include some of the most awaited news, decisions and launches. Such major events that take place in the technological fields are CES and E3 which often witness many announcements made by tech and games companies. They also act as platforms for introduction and platform for launches of many new models of the company's technology. One such introduction of technology was seen at the CES 2017 when LG introduced its Adorable Voice-Activated Robot and won many hearts and definitely a lot of attention.

There is no doubt that technology has a higher hand over the traditional methods now that the people are switching to "smart" products. The smart homes need something to easily control all the gadgets together without the inconvenience of running behind each product. LG has produced an incredible smart robot named "Hub Bot" which works on the technology of voice activation. According to Wired, the "Hub Bot" uses Amazon's Alexa voice-assistance platform but adds a dash of cuteness and uniqueness with the animations and other features when the robot responds to your voice. The bot has animations like that of a digital face which responds to your commands.

Information from NewsVibes explains that the brilliantly crafted can sing, dance and it can also help you make a risotto. The bot comes in two sizes, small and large. The larger bot has a bigger display screen and also has much more powerful speakers. LG has teamed up with Amazon and Google to make this unique product a success. The bot supports many different company products as well and not only LG products. The bot's system can be customised and you can give it a name of your preference to command it and activate the machine to control the smart products of the house.

The fixed price of these bots has not been set yet but they are anticipated to be launched soon in the market. Along with LG's Hub Bots, CES 2017 also saw introduction of many smart products that use Amazon's Alexa voice-assistance platform.

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