Golden Milk: The newest global health drink trend

By Madhu Majumdar / 2017.01.04
Golden Milk' is The Newest Health Drink

Trendy food items and drinks have always prevailed in the world and have influenced the choices of many people in different areas. Most people now are focused on keeping their health at optimum condition and are finding new ways to improve their lifestyle to reach the level of fitness they want. One thing that plays a major part in any health related issue is the food habits and vitamin consumption which is required to keep your body well-functional. Golden milk is one such drink that the people have introduced as a trend to obtain maximum fitness and health due to its large array of health benefits after regular intake.

Golden milk is not artificial milk that is manufactured in factories. It is regular milk mixed with turmeric and infused with spices such as pepper, cinnamon and ginger. The drink acts a natural sugar-free antioxidant drink which purifies the body and gets rid of all the unhealthy particles. This drink works well for the people who prefer organic products as well as the people who want to save the money and make their own things rather than buying factory manufactured ready to consume products.

According News18, it is an ayurvedic inspired medicinal drink which ideally promotes good digestion and also detoxifies the body. It has been an old remedy in Indian medicine and can be made by first forming a paste of the pure turmeric and pepper. The milk base can be altered according to preference of soy milk and almond milk. One can also add cinnamon, honey and coconut oil or extra-virgin olive oil to enhance the flavor of the medicinal health drink.

Healthy Holistic Living further lists out the various health benefit that the drink provides other than just detoxification. Some of the health benefits include anti-inflammatory functions, antiseptic, analgesic, boosts immunity, anti-carcinogenic, helps maintain cholesterol levels, liver detoxifier, controls high blood pressure, regulates metabolism and weight management, treats various skin conditions and neurological disorders.

The drink is an efficient substitute for protein and health drinks while also providing a festive taste due to the cinnamon and spices addition. It is an essential drink in today's world for maintaining good health. 

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