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Another ‘Fairy Tail’ movie announced entitled ‘Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry’

By Migs Casas | Jan 03, 2017 09:39 AM EST
"Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry” has been slated for a Spring 2017 release
(Photo : YouTube/Hex Competitive) "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry” has been slated for a Spring 2017 release

2017 seems to showing a lot of promising releases especially in the Otaku world of Anime. "Fairy Tail" fans would be rejoicing to hear of another upcoming feature length film coming out entitled "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry."

The rise of Hiro Mashima's "Fairy Tail" franchise has been growing ever since its debut back in 2009. Since then, it has become a part of Japan's most recognizable franchises thanks to beloved heroes of the Fairy Tail guild: Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Erza and Gray. However being a hit long-running anime series, "Fairy Tail" has been quite slow in releasing feature-length films.

Although, that's all going to change as 2017 will be an opportune year for studio GAGA distribution studio GAGA just gave its fans a new exciting update about the project. And it looks like it's worth the wait.

According to the official website of studio GAGA, a recently added page has just confirmed the name of the second "Fairy Tail" movie. As the feature film "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry" has been slated for a Spring 2017 release, other anime has been anticipated to be released this year as well, such as the second season of "Attack on Titan."

Mashima has already been teasing fans about the movie's title for quite some time as well. Even the studio itself has set up a Twitter account for "Dragon Cry" so fans will be kept up to date for the film's details and release dates in the coming months.

It's been a awhile since fans have last heard about this next installment in the "Fairy Tail" movie franchise, the last of which was on May 2015 reported by Kodansha's "Weekly Shonen Magazine". Back in 2012, Japanese theaters had the first "Fairy Tail" movie called "Fairy Tail The Movie: Phoenix Princess" with guest stars Aya Endo and Mika Kanai.

For those who are still not familiar with the premise of the "Fairy Tail" franchise, it tells of story set in a fantasy world of magic called Earth Land home to a guild of powerful wizards called Fairy Tail. A girl named Lucy Heartfilia dreams of being a powerful wizard and teams up with Natsu, a Dragon Slayer mage, and his winged feline companion, Happy. Together they team up with a few more notable friends from the guild and embark on adventures together and stop whatever wants to crush their beloved guild. 

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