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'Mass Effect' Andromeda gameplay will launch in the NVIDIA CES 2017; The game will be ported to the Nintendo Switch

By Renwyck Saludares | Jan 03, 2017 08:48 AM EST
Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay trailer will be released this January 5th at the CES 2017.
(Photo : YouTube: Mass Effect) Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay trailer will be released this January 5th at the CES 2017.

BioWare is about to release the new "Mass Effect" Andromeda gameplay trailer this coming 5th of January. Fans are expected to see some of the best new features of the game and will be featured in the upcoming NVIDIA CES 2017.

After the long wait, BioWare will finally show the "Mass Effect" Andromeda, VG247 reported. The gameplay trailer will be featured in the upcoming CES or the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 to be held this January 4th to 7th in Las Vegas.

The gameplay trailer was announced via the BioWare's Twitter post on the social media. It will be included in the NVIDIA's keynote at the CES 2017. The event will be hosted by the CEO of NVIDIA Jen-Hsun Huang, which will unveil several AI creations, auto-driving vehicles and upcoming video game titles.

On the other hand, the "Mass Effect" Andromeda is rumored to appear in the upcoming Nintendo Switch console. The Daily Disruption reported that the game's producer Michael Gamble hinted that the "Mass Effect" Andromeda might be published in the Nintendo Switch.

The new Nintendo Switch will hit the market in the next few months and is about to feature several great titles. The Nintendo Switch is also using an NVIDIA chipset that is capable to run and render such HD games like the Mass Effect Andromeda.

Gamble also cited that porting the "Mass Effect" Andromeda to the Nintendo Switch will be a big boost to the new console. Still, fans need to wait until the official announcement to be held in the Nintendo Switch Presentation this January.

Moreover, One Angry Gamer stated in their press release that there are several fans of the "Mass Effect" series who are criticizing one of the BioWare game designers. Manveer Heir was being criticized by fans because of his racist rants over the internet.

Despite of the Heir's racist comments, the BioWare management were able to back him up from several critics. Due to this issue, several fans and consumers threaten not to buy the upcoming "Mass Effect" Andromeda.

BioWare needs to prove that the game would not be affected by the comments made by their designer. As we all know, "Mass Effect" is one of the great series and a great game to follow.

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