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'Monster Strike' Season 2 slated to be released this spring

By Staff Reporter | Jan 02, 2017 11:56 AM EST
Monster Strike Season 2 Will Soon Come
(Photo : Monster Strike Official/ YouTube) Monster Strike Season 2 Will Soon Come

The YouTube channel of the "Monster Strike" franchise has revealed that a second season will start running on April 1, 2017. A promotional video explained that the anime series will continue this year. Of course, surprising stories of the Season 2 will follow.

In October of 2015, the was adapted for an anime series also by XFlag Studios and the episodes are available on Youtube with multiple subtitles beside English. The movie was directed by Shinpei Ezaki (Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation, "Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas"). On December 10th, the "Monster Strike Movie: Hajimari no Basho he" debuted in Japanese cinemas.

Once the popularity arises, Crunchyroll announced the inclusion to its catalog of simulcast the animated series of 'Monster Strike'. Due to the Japanese release of the franchise movie, the anime platform in streaming wants to bring its users to this successful anime and that is why they will be able to find the first six episodes available.

According to Crunchyroll News, the last episodes of "Monster Strike" told about the protagonist, Ren Homura, who returned to the city of Kaminohara. The place where he once lived. However, was he really in this place before? His memory is like a blank page and he does not remember anything about that time. Because of an oversight, his smartphone will suffer an accident and will be forced to buy a new one, but a strange game is installed on his new phone, a game called Monster Strike.

Now, intense battles await him. He has to face monsters that cross the screen in the real world. Along with each fight, he will recover his scattered memories as pieces of puzzles, as he discovers the truth of the game. During the adventure, the character is not alone. He will be joined by Aoi Mizusawa, Akira Kagetsuki, and Minami Wakaba, with whom he will step into the unknown.

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