Natalie Portman on ‘Jackie,’ ‘Star Wars’ and future in Marvel films

By Cris Valencia / 2017.01.01
Natalie Portman poses in the "Thor: Dark World" premiere

Academy award-winning actress Natalie Portman discussed her new film "Jackie" and her involvement in "Star Wars" and "Thor" movies.

Portman first came to public consciousness when she starred as Princess Amidala in "Star Wars" films in a young age. Thereafter, she earned her stripes with strong performances in movies, ultimately winning an Oscar for "Black Swan" and booked a role in Marvel franchise "Thor."

Today, Portman is buzzed for a second one with her performance in the biopic "Jackie." In an interview, Portman discussed her academic background and has finally come to admit to herself that she does love acting and that she does take it seriously, Deadline reported.

She explained that coming from an academic family, acting wasn't always held in high regard that even when she was shooting "Star Wars," she dropped everything else to go to college and study.

Portman plays Jackie Kennedy at a time after John F. Kennedy's assassination. Critics say her performance is a complete portrait of the former first lady.

As for her possible return in the fantasy type of films like Thor, Portman did not rule out the possibility of her return. Portman did say that she is not really a big fan of CGI heavy films that where actors are required to act with a blue/green screen behind them. However, she did say that she is open to doing more of it, Screen Rant reported.  

"Yeah, well, hopefully one day I figure it out," she said.

Portman is hardly a newcomer in big budget films nor was she the first actor involved with CGI-heavy films that voiced displeasure over the process that those kind of movies were made.

Unfortunately, she won't be appearing in Thor's out of this world journey in "Thor: Ragnarok." To date, she has only appeared in two MCU movies so it won't be surprising if she's called in for another one. In the meantime, see the trailer of her new film "Jackie" below:

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