Russell Westbrook frustrated for ejection, Says refs call different with him

By Cris Valencia / 2016.12.31
Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook did not take his ejection in a stride and a lopsided losing effort against the Memphis Grizzlies 114-80.  He said that he was being officiated differently against other players.

Westbrook argued that the resetting of the shot clock during the third quarter was incorrect because Memphis' Marc Gasol committed an air ball. Westbrook repeatedly argued with the refs but insisted that he did not do anything to merit back-to-back technical fouls that caused his ejection midway in the third quarter, Slam Online reported.  

"It's just crazy, man. Especially for me, because I feel like I don't get the benefit of the doubt most of the time, especially throughout the game with refs," he said before adding, "I just don't get ref'd the same way as other people, and I don't appreciate it," he said."

Referee Jason Philips on the other hand insisted that the officials were sure about the call and had "no doubt" that the ball hit the rim. Philips went to say that despite it, Westbrook was visibly frustrated with the call that he continued complaining even after being slapped with his first technical foul.  

Westbrook reportedly said a lot of profanities and repeatedly said "that's bullshit" to the refs that triggered the second technical foul.

Westbrook let out his frustrations and said, "I get so many techs just for talking. I can't even say nothing when I'm getting hammered every time I go to the damn basket throughout the games and previous games. Not tonight, but every night. I just don't get ref'd the same way as other people, and I don't appreciate it."

Thunder coach Billy Donovan came to his player's defense and said that he too, felt that the ball did not hit the rim. He went to say Westbrook was also getting hits with no fouls being called.

Westbrook finished the game with 21 points, 5 rebounds and 6 turnovers in just 23 minutes, ESPN reported. This is only the third time that Wesbrook did not have a single assist in his statline.

Westbrook is currently averaging a triple-double with 31.3 points, 10.4 rebounds and 10.6 assists per game this season. Watch his highlights before the rejection in the clip below:

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