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‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ chapter 106 recap, 107 spoilers; Porpora reveals working with Furuta!

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Dec 27, 2016 05:08 AM EST
'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 2 Poster
(Photo : Funimation) 'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 2 Poster

The latest chapter of "Tokyo Ghoul:re" offers an intriguing development in the world of ghouls. Kaneki is showing his support to prevent further attacks from clowns but a new character could reveal the true intentions of clowns and their possible relation to Furuta.

Chapter 106 Recap

Chapter 106 of the supernatural/horror manga "Tokyo Ghoul:re" can be read online through Manga Stream. The latest chapter continues to chronicle the simultaneous attacks by clowns and the headquarters are scrambling in their posts to defend their area.

To everyone's surprise, the White Suits arrive to fight the clowns with Kaneki leading the way. Furuta surmised that it could be an internal strife as the ghouls are fighting each other. Meanwhile, Touma and Urie investigate a strange Kagune and it was revealed that the attacks from a distance came from Donato Porpora.

Chapter 107 Spoilers/Predictions

The Reddit discussion on the latest chapter provides a glimpse on what would happen in the future. Porpora is one of the subjects of Furuta and its very possible that they are still working together. The latest chapter depicts the leader of the Washuu organization as someone looking for a way to stop the clowns but it's possible he's fully aware of the attacks and was only surprised by the presence of Kaneki.

The return of Porpora challenging Touma and Urie could lead to big battle. The Quinx Squad or QS is one of the strongest groups in CCG but Porpora is one of the strongest ghouls to lead the clowns with Furuta.

On the other hand, expect more action from Ken Kaneki in the future chapters. Even though the power of CCG, V and Washuu is under the guidance of one man, Kaneki may prove to everyone that he could take down a very powerful enemy and ultimately achieve his plan to co-exist with humans.

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