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Pixel vs iPhone: 5 reasons why you should switch to Google Pixel in 2017

By Shane Olga Ocampo | Dec 12, 2016 02:51 AM EST
5 reasons why you should switch to Google Pixel in 2017
(Photo : Getty Images/Glenn Chapman) 5 reasons why you should switch to Google Pixel in 2017

With the holiday season fast approaching, 'tis the right time to evaluate the top competing smartphones that consumers have been eyeing to buy to kickoff the new year.

When Apple released the highly-buzzed iPhone 7 earlier this year, the absence of the headphone jack has become a source of disapppointment to all iPhone users. Although the device is still packed with top-grade features, the company's move to ditch the headphone jack and force users to buy the airpods comes off as a manipulation to earn bigger bucks.

Interestingly, the company's bold move did not pose as a threat to other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Google. As much as tech savvy consumers respect Apple's desire to step up their innovation level each year, it was evident that ditching the jack was a huge setback.

Now, the iPhone 7 is being pitted against Google's newest line of smartphone, the Pixel. The phone comes in two variants: Pixel XL and the Pixel, in colors black, white and blue. For a device that's being offered within the same price range as the iPhone's latest generation, Google's first take on mobile devices is a gadget worthy of a second look and your first earned, big holiday pay check.

If you've been an avid fan of the iPhone for years but bummed over the headphone jack dying, here are 5 reasons why you should switch to Google Pixel instead:

1. Fast Android performance

Google created the Pixel as the first ever device that runs on Android Nougat, the latest version of the operating system before Marshmallow and Lollipop. On top of that, the device is also the first smartphone that is powered by Qualcomm's latest version, Snapdragon 821 CPU.

No one likes a device that lags. With these specs, you can expect for a full-throttling gadget that performs at its best even when you're multi-tasking.

To sum it all up, the Pixel is fast.

2. Longer Battery Life

Compared to the iPhone 7's battery that comes in 1960 mAh, Pixel offers a non-removable battery of 2770 mAh (5 inch) and 3450 mAh (5.5 inch) that can last up to seven and a half hours of use.

What's more, the device can be full-charged in a matter of only 15 minutes. So far, that very convenient feat is not yet available to any Apple device.

3. Excellent camera

Aside from texting and calling, smartphones have become the primary device that people use nowadays for photography purposes. Based on hands on camera reviews of the Pixel, its 12.3 megapixel lens are able capture images with vivid colors and more depths compared to the iPhone 7.

4. Unlimited photo and video cloud storage

Google knows that smartphone users love to take photos and shoot videos. On this note, the company is offering an unlimited cloud storage of high resolution images and videos (including 4K) captured by the device for every Pixel user.

5. Smarter, conversational AI assistant

In case you haven't heard it yet, the Google assistant is much more advanced and smarter than Siri. The pre-installed voice assistant on the Pixel allows users to experience a more conversational flow of exchange as if they are speaking to an actual human assistant.

In case you're wondering, the Pixel is still embracing the headphone jack. However, it is not water resistant like the iPhone 7.

Google Pixel's price start at $649 (32GB) up to $749 (128GB).

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