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Westworld airdate, news & update: HBO to air 90-minute season finale of hit scifi series

By Shane Olga Ocampo | Nov 29, 2016 12:48 AM EST
Westworld gets supersized season finale on HBO.
(Photo : Youtube) Westworld gets supersized season finale on HBO.

The first season finale of "Westworld" (airing Dec. 4) on HBO just got supersized. The premium cable network has extended the final hour to run for a total of 90 minutes.

The 10-episode first season of "Westworld" will conclude with the finale titled "Bicameral Mind." While no official plot details have been released, the creators of the series Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan are assuring fans that the season capper will tie up loose ends and leave a new mystery for the follow-up season.

"We weren't interested in spinning out mysteries with no answers in sight," Nolan recently told Entertainment Weekly.

"Our goal is to tell an ambitious story in season-long chapters, each with a distinct feel and theme."

Added Joy: "Most of the questions viewers have will be resolved in the final episodes, except for the most important one: What happens next."

HBO is not new to airing supersized season finale of its top-rated series. "Game of Thrones" also ended its sixth season earlier this year with an extended 69-minute finale. Westworld's finale will be directed by Nolan, who also helmed the pilot episode.

In episode 9, "Westworld" delivered an hour filled with plot twists and revelations about the show's key characters, Dolores and Bernard. Moving forward, it is likely that the storylines of Maeve, Dolores and the Man in Black will be highlighted in the 90-minute long season finale.

As seen in the promo trailer, the show has set up "The Bicameral Mind" to introduce Ford's 'new narrative', which will be explored in the upcoming sophomore season.

"Westworld" stars Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Jimmi Simpson, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Luke Hemsworth, Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton.

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