T-ara reveals reason for their popularity among Chinese audience

By diana / 2016.11.22
T-ara performs during the 20th Dream Concert in Seoul.

On the Nov. 21 episode of "Kim Heung Kook Radio Show," T-ara members were able to share the probable reasons for their popularity in China.

Allkpop cited T-ara was asked about the success of their promotions in China, revealing that the girl group ranks third in terms of fan café members. Reports claimed T-ara has more than 3 million fan café members in China, sitting next to EXO and BIGBANG.

"There aren't that many opportunities for us to feel the popularity. But we feel it through the number of fans in the fan cafe or our ranking in music charts," T-ara's Soyeon said during the guesting.

The T-ara member went on, "I think [Chinese fans] like us because of our easy-to-listen-to style of music." 

Eunjung added another factor for their popularity in China was their collaboration with a Beijing-based duo called Chopstick Brothers for "Little Apple." She said, "We have fans who like our Korean songs. Also, we gained more fans after doing a collaboration with Chopstick Brothers of China. We were lucky." 

Just recently, T-ara made their comeback with the release of a new mini album titled "Remember," Soompi noted. Despite being on a hiatus for more than a year, the girl group revealed they held a series of concert in China and has made several variety show appearances during their break.

T-ara added about 12,000 concertgoers attended their last show in China in September. Despite the popularity in the country, the girl group considers this opportunity as a "matter of luck."

Meanwhile, T-ara said the title track of "Remember" which is "TIAMO" is dedicated to their fans. ""TIAMO" means "I love you" in Italian. We have had a lot of retro songs lately, but this one is a simple song without any frills," Jiyeon and Eunjung said.

Watch T-ara's sweet dedication to their fans:

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