‘Code Black’ Season 2: Rob Lowe’s Character ‘Dr. Ethan Willis’ Joins as New Doctor

By Natalie Anderson / 2016.10.04
The image shows Rob Lowe, a new star of the “Code Black” series.

The "Code Black" Season 2 will be launched soon. Rob Lowe would be a new additional member of the newest season of "Code Black," as he will play the character of Dr. Ethan Willis - a colonel who comes back from the military operations in the Middle East thata would teach the Angels Memorial Hospital staff new techniques he learned from the combat field.

Why does Lowe's character was added soul to the "Code Black" sequel? Lowe believes that his character is a genuine one because it is based on real-life inspirations. He added that since they have been at war for more than 16 years, the battlefield has since become a source of new medical advances. 

Meanwhile, Angels Memorial Hospital is overcrowded and understaffed. Thus, they are in need of new staff and are desperate to have new cutting-edge treatment techniques. The new addition to the medical team is not only sizzling hot but also a principled physician. Dr. Willis' motto is to "Bring the emergency room to the patient and not the patient to the emergency room."

Dr. Leanne Rorish, a character played by actress Marcia Gay Harden, becomes friends with Dr. Willis. Amidst the necessity-driven practical approach, Dr. Rorish will become amazed by Dr. Willis' quick and tough decision-making skills.

It is said that Lowe's character is a breath of fresh air to the medical environment; however, in the long run, Dr. Willis will have confrontations with the new hospital administrator, Dr. Will Campbell, played by Boris Kodjoe. The bone of contention is about the hospital rules and protocols.

Fans would definitely get thrilled with the scenes wherein the already pressurized resident staff is pushed beyond their limits, although this is not good for Dr. Willis as he goes against Dr. Campbell's code.

Meanwhile, major show changes are implemented. Fans will be disappointed with the news that fan favorites Drs. Christa Lorenson (Bonnie Somerville) and Neal Hudson (Raza Jaffrey) are pulled out from the "Code Black" Season 2.

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