Money for sex: K-Pop group Tahiti’s Shin Ji-soo’s father breaks his silence

By Conan Altatis / 2016.01.13
Shin Ji-soo is one of the members of the K-Pop girl group Tahiti.

Shin Ji-soo of the K-Pop girl group Tahiti took to Instagram to express her anger because of the indecent proposal she recently received. On July 12, Tuesday, she shared screen shots of the messages she received from an unidentified man who allegedly offered her money for sex.


"Your messages have made me very upset," Shin captioned the photo as translated in English. "You have sent these kinds of messages multiple times. Stop it. I feel sick."

The first message Shin received from the man is translated to English as, "Are you interested in a well-paid part-time job? We will pay you by the hour. Per date, you may receive 600,000 Korean won (US$498.21) to 2 million Korean won (US$1660.70) on average."

Shin did not respond to the message. She then received another message from the man, which is translated to English as, "One of my customers, who is in his mid-20s, is a big fan of yours. We guarantee absolute confidentiality. Just for one customer."

Still, Shin refused to respond to the message but the man appeared to be persistent. His third message is translated to English as, "Just once or twice, and we will pay more than other brokers. 4 million Korean won (US$3,321.40)?"

Currently, Tahiti is in Japan for their international tour. A police investigation will be requested by Dream Star Entertainment, which formed the K-Pop girl group, after the Japan tour. Shin's father himself is a chief detective on the police force, according to Korea Times.

In an interview with Yonhap News, as cited by All KPop, Shin's father said it is inappropriate for him to discuss the case because the main issue at hand could be muddled due to his association with the police.

"As soon as Jisoo arrives in Korea after her overseas activities, she intends to discuss the case with the agency and file suit so I'll leave it up for her to decide," the publication quoted Shin's father as saying. 

Dream Star Entertainment formed Tahiti in 2012. The K-Pop girl group members were featured in the Philippine TV show "Gandang Gabi Vice" in 2013.

Tahiti has released two albums titled "Five Beats of Hearts" and "Fall Into Temptation." Among the singles from these albums are "Tonight," "Hasta Luego," "Love Sick," "Oppa, You're Mine" and "Phone Number."

Watch Tahiti perform "Oppa, You're Mine" here:

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