‘Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 3’ has a new episode with fire, brimstone and new monsters

By Migs Casas / 2016.09.17
“Guild Wars 2 Living World” releases another episode for the third season that involves a new adventure and a cataclysmic event.

The ever expanding world of ArenaNet's "Guild Wars 2" has players in awe, as they explore the wonderful magical fantasy even further. The latest expansion "Living World" has its third season bearing a second episode, seething with fire and brimstone.

Earlier in the previous episode, online players get to traverse the wild and dangerous Chaos Isles along with the wrathful vengeance of a ghost ship. A few new updates and features were introduced to them as well, according to PC Games N.

Who knows what's in store for the upcoming episode of "Living World," besides the hot, molten lava spewing out of the earth, bringing death and destruction into land, and coloring the skies with a hellish glow? Of course, being a fantasy game that involves conflict on an epic scale, there would be new challenges and exotic monsters to obstruct players from their goals.

Other than the tease the trailer brought, there hasn't been anything else about the next update from the episode. So players will have to wait and see and get their swords and wands ready for episode's release on Sept. 20.

With their storytelling formula going on for four years, "Guild Wars 2" has always used seasons as a way to perform big story arcs. According to an earlier report from Eurogamer, Season 3 of "Living World" is meant for high-level players (around level 80 or so). Buying the "Heart of Thorns" expansions would allow them to progress to that level.

If players get to log in every now and then in their "Guild Wars 2" account, they will be able to access the "Living World" episodes for free, which arrives every couple of months. It is best when they log in and unlock these episodes during their active periods, whether or not they have the "Heart of Thorns" expansion. Otherwise, if they missed the date, players will have to pay for these episodes. 

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