Rainbow’s Jisook reveals why she’s working so hard

By Dianne Sencil / 2016.09.17
Jisook of the South Korean girl group Rainbow in one of her shows.

South Korean girl singer Jisook of the all-girl group Rainbow have been in the entertainment scene for almost 8 years. In her recent interview with the television program TV Daily, the KPop idol revealed one of the reasons why she had been working so hard in her career.

According to Jisook, she is firmly striving to perform and earn well in her job as an entertainer because she wanted her life to be fully established by the time she settles down. She also desires to live happily and with fewer problems with her own family in the future.

Aside from sharing her reasons why she works so hard, the star also spilled her some information about her love life as well as her ideal man. She said as quoted by All KPop: “"I did date, but not now. I think there's this thing where if you're restricted, you want to do it even more. If they set you free, then it becomes whatever. With my label not saying much, my motivation [to date] has subsided."

As for her ideal man, Jisook stated that she wants the both of them to share the same hobbies like playing games. When it comes to age, the vocalist prefers older guys.

“I can do up to 9 years older, but I've never given thought about younger guys. I like someone who I can depend on," said Jisook.

Meanwhile, Jisook quitted her job as a reporter in the TV program “Entertainment Relay” in July, All Kpop reports. She has been with the show for almost 3 years.

Jisook joined Rainbow in 2009 alongside Jaekyung, Woori, Hyunyoung, Noeul, Seungah, and Yoonhye. She stands as the group’s main vocalist.

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