Sail away with Disney's 'Moana' brand new trailer [Watch]

By Angel0417 / 2016.09.16
Disney's Fantasy adventure film "Moana"is set to sail this November.

"Moana" surely is making great waves already even before its premiere on Nov. 23. The new Disney movie princess got its freshest new look in a brand new trailer that launched yesterday morning.

The story is about a girl named Moana (Auli'i Cravalho) who will traverse the sea with the shape-shifting demigod Maui (Dwayne Johnson). She has a quest to accomplish, that is, to fulfill her ancestors' mission. The Polynesian princess hails from Motinui Island and the sole child of Chief Tui (Temuera Morrison) and Sina (Nicole Scherzinger).

The newly-released trailer starts with a voiceover that will explain the sequence of events for a larger-than-life voyage to the unknown, according to Variety.

"For generations, this peaceful island has been home to our family," an ancient-sounding voice rasps. "But beyond our reef, a great danger is coming. Legend tells of a "her" who will journey to find the demigod Maui. And together they will save us all."

The kaleidoscopic trailer which lasts two and a half minutes shows Moana's effort to protecting her village from sea monsters with Maui's assistance. The trailer boasts of splendid computer animated imagery and a wonderful and genuine chemistry between Cravalho and Johnson, at best with their voices, CNN reported.

"Moana" is a 3D computer-animated movie packed with music and adventure produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and its 56th animated film to date. The name "Moana" means a wide expanse of water, an ocean or sea, which perfectly suits Disney's new princess who loves the ocean and the adventures it may offer her.

This is the first time that Walt Disney Animation acquainted a Polynesian character within its animated world. The studio is getting some disparagement the past years from both critics and fans alike for its inadequacy of variousness in its characters. Walt Disney is turning things around by incorporating more varied voices and cultures to its roster.

Disney has high hopes that "Moana" will be an addition to its latest animated resurgence including "Big Hero 6", "Frozen", and "Zootopia". "Moana" will start sailing on cinemas on November 23.

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