‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 cast, spoilers: Is ‘American Sniper’ actor Bradley Cooper to guest star with singer Lady Gaga?

By Daphne Planca / 2016.09.15

"American Sniper" actor Bradley Cooper is rumored to guest star with singer Lady Gaga in the "American Horror Story" Season 6. It looks like the upcoming season is welcoming big stars into the television franchise.

Cooper is reportedly in negotiations for a cameo appearance for the "American Horror Story" Season 6. This rumor came out after he was seen hanging out with Lady Gaga earlier this week. Reports suggest that the two stars were only together as an icebreaker for their upcoming project "A Star is Born."

Other rumors suggest that Lady Gaga is convincing Cooper to make an appearance in the upcoming "American Horror Story" Season 6. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the home network FX has released six new cryptic promos supporting the show. Writer Ryan Murphy is expected to return with most of his Season 5 stars. He even welcomed them to return if they so desired. Angela Bassett (Ramona Royale) and Cheyenne Jackson (Will Drake) have officially confirmed that they will reprise their roles. Lady Gaga will also come back at some point.

However, only one of the teasers is accurately depicting the "American Horror Story" Season 6 theme, Variety reported. FX boss John Landgraf said in an interview at the Television Critics Association press tour that they will not reveal the theme, thinking it would be fun for the audience. In the previously released trailers, some themes showed a farmhouse, a man getting his head stapled, a crib, running down stairs into darkness, and bugs.

At first, "American Horror Story" Season 6 was scheduled to be on Oct. 2, Sunday, at 9 p.m. ET. But FX recently announced that they moved the premiere three weeks earlier to Sept. 14, Wednesday, at 10 p.m. ET on FX. This will be the first time that the show will not premiere on the month of October and that the subtitle was not revealed weeks before the first episode.

Watch the video of the trailer for "American Horror Story" Season 6 connecting all seasons:

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